Modern office space in refurbished Accountor Tower

The Accountor Tower, previously known as Raaden hammas, provides an inspiring view of Keilaniemenranta’s developing urban milieu and is conveniently located near a metro station. Reserve your spot at the top!

Iconic Raaden hammas

At the heart of fast-developing Keilaniemenranta stands the magnificent Raaden hammas – a structure known to all. Rising from the waterfront landscape, the tower is an integral part of Finnish corporate history and the highlight of the local cityscape. The building today known as the Accountor Tower is modernized to satisfy the needs of modern business life.

A pioneer since 1976

Completed in 1976 to serve as the headquarters of oil company Neste, Raaden hammas is Finland’s best-known office tower. It is a forerunner among high-rise buildings in Finland and was the first business premise of its time to be planned with an open office layout. Named after Neste’s influential chairman Uolevi Raade, the “tooth” (hammas) is still the country’s tallest office building and its design has withstood the test of time.

“The building has a wonderful history but it is also contemporary, because even during construction the tower was ahead of its time: it was designed as an open office with the potential for adaptability carefully thought over from the very beginning,” says Okke Kiviluoto of SARC Architects, responsible for refurbishing the tower.

“Raaden hammas is an advanced, unique Finnish construction. It is a rugged yet elegant building with attention paid to materials and details.”

Modernized office space that pays homage to design traditions

This iconic office building has all the prerequisites for satisfying the growing needs of a successful business. The Accountor Tower is created for companies that value superior premises, a central waterfront location and a property with a strong identity. Imposing windows in the high-ceilinged rooms offer an unparalleled view of the sea, Espoo and downtown Helsinki. The project was completed in December 2019. The rental space will be designed in collaboration with occupants to ensure that it meets their requirements.

  • 21 floors
  • 24,000 square meters of office and retail space
  • Approximately 1,500 workstations
  • Ample parking facilities
  • Metro entrance by the building (8 minutes to the main railway station)
  • Dylan & Friends diner and café
  • Rooftop restaurant Lucy in the Sky open to the public
  • Ground floor essential services including a grocery store Alepa and a fitness center Fit Keilaniemi.
  • In carpark Wash Zone Wuppe offers car wash services


In addition to offering a cradle of innovation for a concentration of international firms, the fast-growing Keilaniemenranta area around the Accountor Tower is a transportation and services hub. The locale provides outstanding transportation connections for users of private cars and public transportation services, particularly due to the westward expansion of the Helsinki metro and the planned Raide-Jokeri light rail service. The new Keilaniemenranta will emphasize a high-quality pedestrian environment as well as the revitalization of Espoo’s seaside route, Rantaraitti.

In the future, this vibrant area will provide diverse blue-ribbon services for residents as well as workers. The Accountor Tower itself features a grocery store, lunch diner and a fitness center. The tower is also topped with a rooftop restaurant whose windows and outdoor terraces overlook breathtaking views.